Recognition Vs. Recall Visual Design

I had created this State Naming Exercise to display two different types of design, one being based on the brain’s ability to recognize shapes and patterns, the other being the brain’s ability to recall. The idea was to show that recognizing the shape of the state of Missouri was easier than having someone remember all the names of all 50 states.

State Naming Exercise displaying the two visual designs, Recognition and Recall

Testing Results and Observations

When I had to test this design, I had this design among a series of questions in a survey referring to if it was easier for the participant to answer the recognition side or the recall side. I sent this survey to my closest circle of friends, one them has a learning disability and it was interesting to hear that he found it was easier to recall the names of 25 states before recognizing the shape of the state of Missouri. It should be easier for the human brain to recognize shapes and patterns easier than it is to recall that much data, but given his learning disability, his brain’s “software” was coded different than anyone else who took the test.

Another testing prototype for Recognition Vs Recall Design.

Prototypes and Brainstorming

Making the prototypes for these types of design are more difficult than one would originally think before researching what these types of design are used for. I had seen a couple similar to the prototype seen above being used in school settings. Others had explained that it was easier to visually recognize someone you know than it is to remember their name when you meet up with them again. With the prototype above, I realized it wasn’t quite clear what the objective of the design was, so I had went with the other design as show at the top of this blog post.

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